Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Heal and Build America

Heal and Build America
We Know Exactly What to Do!
Areas Of Concern:
  • Economy and Unemployment
  • National Debt
  • Federal Budget Deficit
  • Clean and Fair Elections
  • Border Control
  • Socialism and Government Control
  • Loss of Freedom

What To Do:
  1. Permanent 10% Cut in All Federal and State Taxes!
  2. Two Year 5% Cuts in All Federal Spending
  3. Promote Lower Fuel and Energy Prices
  4. Absolutely No Bailouts!
  5. Misleading Voters Must be Crime of Treason!
  6. Declare Policy that All" Illegal Aliens" are violating the Law, and are Not Immigrants!
  7. Declare Policy that All "Immigrants" are those Following Lawful Procedures!
  8. Declare Policy that Abortion Ends Human Life!
  9. Close All Borders to Those without Proper Application and Screening!

Why Should We Take These Actions?

Build The Economy and Create Jobs: The focus needs to be on The Citizens and Corporations having both the money, and confidence to Spend! By reducing All Federal taxes on Citizens and All Businesses, We give them the confidence and money to spend again. As people and corporations of all income levels begin to spend, businesses will begin to grow and make profits. With growth and a brighter future, businesses will feel free to expand and hire more employees again. But Everyone needs to know and have confidence down deep in their hearts that the tax cuts are permanent! As the economy grows, and gains speed, investments will also soar! States as well as the Federal government should also be encouraged to make permanent Tax Rate Cuts.

The Enormous Growth in the Economy will result in increasing Federal and State Tax Revenues: Due to the reduced tax rate, the growth in a much larger Gross National tax base will result in far larger Federal and State tax revenues! History from the past economies all over the world, show that raising taxes during financial crisis makes the situation much worse. Increased taxes further distress the national economy, increases unemployment, reduces Gross National Product, and reduces tax revenue due to a shrinking economy.  With less money to tax, a higher rate brings in ever lower revenues!  History also shows that the full benefit from tax cuts takes approximately two years to fully mature. We need to get started as soon as possible. Everyone needs to understand right from the start, that this is a long range plan, which will again boost the confidence of citizens and businesses to spend and hire new employees.  Disoriented policies, without long-range expectations lead to caution, and holding back on investments and expansions, due to uncertainty.

High Fuel and Energy Prices also Suppress the Economy: The 2008-2009 Economic collapse coincided precisely with the rise in the price of motor fuels. Like high tax rates, the price of fuel and energy robs citizens and businesses of all sizes of the money needed to survive. Lack of money, as well as uncertainty about the future, causes people and corporations to slow spending and hoard available money.  As people and businesses go into survival mode, and some businesses don't survive,  jobs are lost! With the increase of unemployment, even less people have money to spend, and the loss of sales leads to more loss of business and job reductions. As a recession or depression accelerates, it gains speed, resulting in even more loss of jobs, funding, and increasing uncertainty about the future. The three most evil culprits are always taxes that are too high, fuel and energy prices that are too high, and total disregard for God. 

Total Disregard for the Creator:  George Washington and several other early fathers of this country thought it was not wise to anger God.  If we, and our National and State leaders say We will do this and that, and thus and so...without saying "With God's help, We will do such and such, then we are implying that God isn't in control, that we have forgotten Him, or that we don't think His influence and power is worth mentioning.  We cannot afford to anger the mighty and all powerful God and creator of the Universe!  God is our Most High Executive Officer, King, and the one who gives the wisdom to make correct choices.  He also has the power to bless us with success, or allow our total failure!  George Washington issued warnings against allowing the army to use curse words, and encouraged the troops to pray for the help of the Almighty.  In any war, political action, Financial crisis, our leaders should encourage the people to pray for God's help.  What they should not do, is to tell anyone how to pray!  In a nation of Freedom of Religion, and the right to practice our preferred religious beliefs, everyone is free to pray in their own way. Christians must pray to God in the name of Jesus, but its their own choice.  Muslims will be expected to pray as Muslims by their own choice.  Jews are expected to pray as Jews by their own choices. Atheists will be expected to put their faith in science, nature, or evolution, or whatever their god is, by their own choices.  But nobody can dictate to anyone else how they should pray. It is even our individual choice to not pray, but that is a very dangerous policy for a Nation's Leaders! Once again, the three most evil culprits, that destroy our economy, are always taxes that are too high, fuel and energy prices that are too high, and total disregard for God. 

Everything in the Economy is Dependent upon Motor Fuels and Energy! From food to building materials, every corporation must transport raw materials and finished products. Energy is used in production machinery. Factories must use some type of fuel or energy to heat or cool their factories and offices. You can't think of a single thing in any store or business that is not transported by trucks. Even things that arrive by train must be moved from rail head to stores. Every citizen must have some form of transportation to and from work, school, and shopping. During economic disaster and crisis, all nonessential spending must be cut to keep the family car running. Public transportation is only available to people who live in larger towns and cities, and those costs increase as well with the rise in fuel costs. People have to cut back on spending; no more eating out leads to reduced staff, and eventually closed restaurants. This only leads to more Unemployed workers all across the country. At the peak of the economic crisis, Unleaded Regular was pushing $4 gallon, and Diesel Fuel was pushing $5 gallon! That was the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009.  Let's also point out that the peak of our economic recovery was at the end of 2014, when Regular Unleaded gasoline was selling as low as $1.73 at some stations in the Tucson, AZ area.  This is not an abstract idea by novelists, but verifiable facts and statistics that can be easily researched for yourself.  Check these figures, and you will always get the same results.  Tax rates up / cause economy to go down, but tax rates down / Economy Up!   Fuel and Energy prices down / cause Economic growth.  Fuel and Energy prices up =  Economy Down and increased unemployment!  We must have a policy of promoting lower tax rates and lower fuel and energy prices. This will help Citizens and Businesses keep and spend more of their own money. This creates more jobs and leads to more workers earning and spending more money, which leads to more Corporation profits, new businesses, economic growth, and even more jobs. A growing economy propels itself even more rapidly toward recovery and growth.

Higher Tax Rates on the Rich is Bad For Everyone! A family of four that is surviving from pay check-to-pay check does not hire employees, and does not create jobs. The largest employers are the ones who hire the most new employees! Why penalize those who are helping? The Richer Citizens and Corporations spend more money to boost the economy! But to expand, the rich need to keep more of the profits they earn, in order to spend more. This country must realize that the money is actually owned by those who earned it! The money does not belong to the government, and does not belong to those who are too lazy to work and earn their own!  We must leave more of the people's money in the hands of the people who earned it! Heavier taxes on the richer citizens, and larger corporations stunts the growth of the entire economy, and takes away the incentive to create more jobs and build more factories. Higher tax rates, energy prices, and higher costs on motor fuels force businesses to outsource to other countries. Remove all tax restraints and energy cost barriers, so business, industry, and jobs will come back to our own nation and states.

Citizens Cannot be Confident in the Future unless the National Debt is Addressed: People, Industry, and businesses need to see true and dependable resolve and commitment to End Budget Deficits and Reduce the National Debt. All federal spending should be cut by 5% for the next two years, to allow the effect of the tax cuts to fully mature. As Federal Revenues begin to rise, new policies and laws need to be in place to further reduce Federal Spending and pay down the National Debt! This will not be easy, and Will be painful, but must be very strict, and very serious if our nation is even going to survive! It's "Crunch Time", and we are now fighting for our nation's very survival!  Credit is not forever, there must be a workable plan to eventually be paid up and debt free!  Even ancient wisdom given by God in the Bible, thousands of years ago in the book of Deuteronomy and chapter 28, warns that a nation must loan only, and not borrow if they want to be the head and not the tail.  Any nation become a debtor and captive to the nation or people they borrow from.

Absolutely No Bail Outs! Taking money from those who were good, responsible managers, to reward incompetent practices is incentive to fail! Why encourage and reward more Bad Business Practices? We must allow poorly run businesses fail! Leave the peoples' money with the people who earned it, and they will decide where to spend their own money! This will determine which businesses deserve to survive, or must reorganize, or should go out of business! Bailouts are poison to the economy, and encourage more waste and inefficiency. It is at least Immoral and Unethical to steal from the wise and efficient, and give to the unwise and unproductive, who will just waste it and hope for more future bailouts. Bailouts remove the incentive to fix the problems that created the unstable business, and do not result in new jobs all across our vast nation, but reward a few, while the vast masses of people slip farther into abject poverty. Bailouts result in more irresponsible waste, and huge unmanageable National Debt.

Our Nation Was Founded as a Government Of the People, By the People, and For the People: Democracy is built on the voice of the people being heard and acted on. People vote on critical issues, and elect representatives. The President, all Senators, all Representatives in the House, and the Supreme Court have one and only one job; and that is to protect the People!  False statements about issues on the ballot, and opposing candidates Must be Punished.

Misleading Voters During an Election is Treason Against Our Nation: Misleading the Voters threatens our National Security! People cannot vote intelligently, and make informed decisions without factual and truthful information. If any person makes false claims about an opponent without reliable documentation, the Criminal Penalty should be extremely severe. Life Imprisonment or the Death Penalty should be considered. We need laws and policies to deal with false accusations that could mislead voters during the voting process. True accusations with genuine and confirmable documentation should be allowed. Freedom of speech should allow people to fully express opinions and ideals, but not make up knowingly false statements.

The Only Legitimate Purpose for any Government is to Protect the People! There is no legitimate purpose for any Government, other than protecting the people! Government is not here to control, use, or rule over people. Government's only reason to exist is to protect and answer to the people they govern. Government has no right to dictate to the people; but instead, the people are to dictate to the government. Any person in any government who thinks part of their job is to further their own political career, should be promptly voted out of office. All persons in any level of government should know clearly that it is their job to listen to what the people are saying, and do what is best for all the people, even minorities. We must protect the security of our nation, and the people will tell their leaders what they need, if they will listen.  The legitimate purpose of government is not to Protect and Serve.  It is only to Protect all of the people.  There is plenty to protect people from.  For example, the government must protect people from monopolies. Protect people from physical violence. The government must protect people from financial ruin due to unfair practices. The Government should protect people from being dependent on others, by insuring they have opportunities to excel. A legitimate government even has the responsibility to protect the people from itself, as overly controlling government can itself become a tyrant.

The U.S. Government Needs to Have a Policy Based on True Science and Common Sense, Stating that Abortion Ends Human Life: No further explanation is necessary, it is simply stating as policy what everybody already knows.  Abortion ends the beating heart of a human living organism that is alive.

U.S. Borders Must Be Controlled! What nation would long survive if they left themselves and their borders open to invasion? Using a term such as "Illegal Immigration" shows total and irresponsible stupidity! All Illegal aliens are by definition law breakers! Any reference to the word "Immigrants" should be used only for those who are following the law, and applying through official channels to control both numbers and screening.

Illegal Aliens are a Bigger Problem Than just People Seeking a Better Life: Many Illegal Aliens are members of drug smuggling cartels. They transport weapons, illegal drugs, dirty money, violence, and some may even be terrorists. Some are murderers, rapists, and child molesters with criminal records in other countries! Illegal aliens are undocumented, have no criminal background checks done, and take Americans' jobs away from our own citizens. Many cases of Identity Theft are by these Illegal aliens seeking to integrate into our jobs, and hide with fake ID's Some communities and even states have nearly been overrun by illegal aliens. Lawful immigrants are the backbone, history, and future of our country. Never mix the word illegal with the word immigrant! It sends the wrong message, and stirs up the wrong emotions in people.  There is no one category that all people entering this country from outside can be lumped all together!  There needs to be different categories that deal with the reasons people come here.  We should also keep in mind that many arrive here with little knowledge or understanding of our laws, procedures, and requirements.  We need different ways of dealing with the different categories.  Some categories are:
      International Students
      Migrant Workers
      Immigrants seeking US Citizenship
      Illegals Aliens are criminals and intruders, not immigrants
      International Terrorists, such as Isis, Hamas, Al-Qaida, and enemies of the U.S.
Protect Our Nation Against Socialism: Washington DC should never be isolated from what is happening in the rest of the country. Presidents, Senators, Representatives, and Federal Judges should never be clueless about what the rank and file of the people of the United States all across this nation are saying, which is exactly what happened in 2010 in a big way! People are scared that government is grabbing more power, dictating mandatory healthcare, mandatory taxes without representation, overriding state and local powers, and legislating away our citizens' freedom of choice about their own futures. The People, not the President, not the Legislature, and not the Supreme Court, but the people should be the voice for the direction of our nation's policies and direction. Blatant disregard for the Constitution has led to Constitutionality rulings on issues being made without regard for what the Constitution actually says. People all across the nation see a ruling about the Constitutionality of an issue, and are saying to each other that obviously the person making the ruling has never actually read the Constitution, but just made a policy decision, or legal ruling based on their own personal emotional ideals. Often these decisions are completely contrary to the Supreme Law Of The Land, the Constitution of the United States of America. Too much government, controlling too much of our lives is scaring the people.  Any ruling about Constitutionality needs to indicate which article and sentence of the Constitution it applies to.   We need to absolutely demand that our President, Senate, House and supreme court adhere dogmatically to the supreme law of the land, to protect our rights
John F. Hunter